Daily Vocabulary:
165. WORK SONGS – songs used by African-American slaves since the 17th century (and continued into the sharecropping era of the late 19th century) to keep rhythm while working in groups. Some work songs were from original African melodies brought with the slaves, other songs were instituted by slave-owners and European in origin.
166. SPIRITUALS – religious hymn-like songs where Christian lyrics were applied to African-influenced melodies.

Objective(s): Students will to respond to music notation on the first five strings of the guitar by performing exercises and simple melodies (Unit IV of Book). Students will perform open chords (Principal progressions in Am, G, C, D, Dm, & A). Students will perform simple first position scales (C, Am, Open Pentatonic). Students will partner for Seasonal Duet preparation and practice.


  1. Group Tune / Daily Vocab
  2. Warm Ups – 1234, 1243, etc., Spider, Triplet
  3. Review – Scales, Round, Chords (strum construct)
  4. Unit V – Accidentals
  5. Blues Improvisation and Busy Blues Progression