Daily Vocabulary:
168. TRADITIONAL/DELTA BLUES – the earliest, traditional style of the blues originating from the Mississippi Delta region generally played by a soloist with a guitar or a small group using guitars, homemade box guitars, and a harmonica.
169. URBAN BLUES – a blues style that differed in instrumentation from traditional blues in that electric guitars, electric bass guitars, and a drum set were used

Objective(s): Students will to respond to music notation on the first five strings of the guitar by performing exercises and simple melodies (Unit IV of Book). Students will perform open chords (Principal progressions in Am, G, C, D, Dm, & A). Students will perform simple first position scales (C, Am, Open Pentatonic). Students will partner for Seasonal Duet preparation and practice.


  1. Group Tune / Daily Vocab
  2. Warm Ups – 1234, 1243, etc., Spider, Triplet
  3. Review – Scales, Round, Chords (strum construct)
  4. Unit V – Accidentals
  5. Blues Improvisation and Busy Blues Progression